We are officially established in Cyprus since 2018. From an original vacation stay arose the love for the island of Cyprus. Through European, Arab, Asian and especially Mediterranean influences, Cyprus today offers an exciting blend of antiquity and modernity. The confluence of the many influences led us to stay in Cyprus. We see great potential for development today! Modern urban design, a high quality of construction, energetic planning and the consideration of alternative energies lead to high-quality residential and commercial construction. The combination of modern architecture and a dreamlike climate combined with tax advantages as a member of the EU offer a high level of living and working comfort. With experience from Germany in the real estate business, we specialize in the sale of high quality real estate. We are particularly active in the cities of Larnaca and Paphos. However, through island-wide contacts on Cyprus, we are able to access an extensive portfolio. There is great potential for residential and commercial investment in Cyprus. We are a German-Cypriot team and officially licensed as a broker in Cyprus. We know the local conditions and requirements. We provide support and advice on the purchase of real estate. Depending on the wishes of the buyer, we will find the right apartment, studio, spacious condominium or domicile by the sea. The purchase of real estate is a matter of trust! Another service is the lease of property of foreign investors. As Germans, we know the demands of owners and investors. In addition to trust, security is also an important feature when buying any type of real estate in Cyprus. Therefore, we give you here an overview of the handling of a real estate sale in Cyprus.

Information on equipping and renting real estate we compile here.

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Over 300 properties in the portfolio and specialized in new buildings

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Whether you are looking for a vacation home, a capital investment or a dream house, we will help you find the property of your dreams in Cyprus.